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Niche Dashboard

Niche Dashboard

The Niche Dashboard is the main screen where all the Niche-specific functionality can be used.  Common functions include Adding a Collectible, Listing and Searching, creating Storage or Smart Albums, Statistics and more.

My Collectibles

This panel has buttons that allow management of your collectibles and their corresponding displays.


This panel shows buttons that allow setting up reference data that will be used by certain functions.

Sequences: This is used by the Auto Number feature of the Stock Number field. Each manufacturer can have its own separate sequence including a custom prefix that is incremented each time the Auto Number button is clicked.

Custom Lexicon: Each time a custom value is typed into one of the main classification fields (sometimes labeled Make, Kind, Model, Variety depending on the Niche), it adds this value for that particular field-level into the Custom Lexicon. This way, you can easily build and expand your Lexicon over time.

Ebay Templates: This is used by the Marketplace: List on Ebay feature. A template is a bit of HTML that can is used for the Ebay Description field for every listing generated through the List on Ebay feature. It can include certain dynamically-populated field values. Only one template per Niche is currently supported, though we plan to expand this to allow users to choose from multiple in the future.


This panel shows buttons related to buying and selling activities.

Find For Sale: This presents a search screen that uses the Niche-specific Lexicon to find collectibles currently for sale on Ebay.

List on Ebay: This feature allows Ebay sellers to generate Draft Listings of their collectibles in a semi-automatic fashion. Simply choose which collectibles for which to create Drafts, Add them to the Queue, and Export the Queue. This will download a CSV file that contains basic data including Pictures that can be uploaded to the Ebay Seller Hub for import in one step. Drafts can then be reviewed and modified as necessary before listing.

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