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Designing a new Niche

When you are starting a completely new collection, you first start by designing the Niche to which you will add your collectibles. Designing a niche can be done quickly, but takes some thought as to the details of your niche that you will be tracking.

Niche Designer
Login and click Niche Designer in the Dashboard
Click the Add button to create a new Niche
Read the Instructions for choosing a good scope and click Got It!
Enter a name for your niche (chosen values below are for example only), optionally enter a description and click Next.
Read the Instructions for Step 2 and click Next.
Enter labels for each level of classification and click Next.
Specs are searchable custom fields. Add Numeric or Text specs by clicking the corresponding button.
If you want Nichibles add every value entered in a choice list, check Store values in Lexicon. When finished, click Save.
Continue to add additional specs as needed.
Numeric specs have values that can be searched with < > or = operators but are not stored in the Lexicon choice lists.
Continue to add specs for every value you intend to search.
Click Next when all specs have been entered.
Read the Instructions for editing Grading values and click Got It!
Edit existing default grade values or Add your own. Drag the row header to position each grade in order. Click Next when done.
Read the Instructions for Condition Issues and click Got It!
Add or Edit any condition issues to match any you want to track. Save changes for each edit or add, and re-order issues by dragging the row header to the correct position.

When finished, click Done to create the new Niche! Your design will be used for any collectibles you add to the new Niche.

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